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“Our project Online upgrade has greatly impacted our ability to provide portfolio reporting for the organization. The Microsoft tools combined with Project Online have given us the ability to quickly create, publish and distribute portfolio reports giving our senior leadership more visibility and transparency to our overall portfolio. Online SharePoint sites have provided us with greater collaboration tools allowing teams to be more productive.”

Keith Nicolet, PMP
Manager – Portfolio Management
“As major challenges arise, every company needs to remain competitive and optimize its resources. In this sense, CBA adopted Teams Ideas in 2019 to manage the entire lifecycle of their investment project portfolio, going through the phases of portfolio formation, prioritization and approval for execution.

This decision proved to be beneficial, as the system brought tangible gains related to information security, transparency, and visibility to the process, allowing project managers to make the most appropriate and adherent decisions aligned to their business strategy.

The partnership with Prosperi was vital to make this leap in development and management. The company proved to be flexible in understanding customer needs, thus creating the foundation for a collaborative and lasting relationship.”

Moises Ulhoa Guedes
Planning and Management Manager | PMO | Brazilian Aluminum Company CBA
Success Stories

One of the 10 largest retail chains in Brazil, and the largest beauty e-commerce company in the country, uses Teams Ideas™ to maximize the strategic value of their CAPEX, selecting their portfolio in a standardized way and involving specialists in technical areas throughout the business case structuring process.
Understand how one of the largest aluminum mining companies in Brazil and Latin America, uses Teams Ideas™ to manage its Capex process from end-to-end: from structuring proposals to project management and evaluation of results.
One of the largest steel groups in the world, Arcelor Mittal, uses Teams Ideas™ in one of its integrated flat steel units in Brazil, to manage the investment portfolio, starting from proposal to the management of their projects.

Teams Ideas™ by Prosperi
Teams Ideas™ is a solution developed by Prosperi, a company dedicated to helping organizations to improve people's lives through innovation and collaborative management solutions.
  • 800+ SUCCESSFULLY delivered projects
  • 26+ YEARS experience, providing end-to-end solutions
  • 2018 MICROSOFT WORLDWIDE FINALIST in the category of Project and Portfolio Management
  • 5 LATAM AWARDS as the best Microsoft partner in the Project and Portfolio management category
  • 14+ YEARS as Microsoft's Gold Partner in Project & Portfolio Management
  • 5 PROSPERI offices worldwide
  • Microsoft Partner of the Year LATAM Award 2020 in category Apps and Solutions for Microsoft Teams