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The easiest way to start an idea program.
Teams Ideas™ IDEATION is a free, easy-to-use solution that has the capabilities to engage the entire value chain in the ideation process.
Launch corporate campaigns, engage employees and partners, then promote the most promising ideas.
Maximize Collaboration
Make the most of the collaborative power of people in your business, inside or outside the company. Teams Ideas™ IDEATION allows employees, customers and suppliers to participate in the ideation process.
Collaborate from Wherever you Are
Good ideas come at any time and in the most unexpected places. Teams Ideas™ IDEATION is available for you to collaborate on any device, inside or outside the company.
Innovate in a Structured Way
Evaluating ideas requires a structured and transparent process. Teams Ideas™ IDEATION allows you to define criteria and formulas for evaluating and rating proposed ideas, making the process much more transparent and the assessment objective.
Recognize Participation
Participating shouldn’t be enough. It is necessary to recognize the contribution of employees and partners in the ideation process. Teams Ideas™ IDEATION allows you to recognize those who collaborate the most in proposing and discussing good ideas.
Promote the Best Ideas
Innovation does not stop at proposing transformative ideas. Teams Ideas™ IDEATION enables you to promote the most promising ideas for the next step of innovation, the creation of the Business Case.
The transformation of your workspace and innovation

Innovate using Microsoft Teams

Microsoft teams is a shared workspace that is designed to increase collaboration, expand the flow of ideas, and streamline teamwork.

Teams Ideas™ IDEATION integrated with Microsoft Teams creates a powerful and innovative environment which enables time improvement when launching new products and services in the market, optimizes internal processes and offers new experiences to your customers and users.
Plug and play
Start using it right now. A simple and intuitive interface.
Teams Ideas™ uses Microsoft Azure to deliver outstanding reliability, availability, and security.
A Cloud based solution and can be accessed from anywhere on any device.
Teams Ideas™ is designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes.
Teams Ideas™ by Prosperi
Teams Ideas™ is a solution developed by Prosperi, a company dedicated to helping organizations to improve people's lives through innovation and collaborative management solutions.
  • 800+ SUCCESSFULLY delivered projects
  • 26+ YEARS experience, providing end-to-end solutions
  • 2018 MICROSOFT WORLDWIDE FINALIST in the category of Project and Portfolio Management
  • 5 LATAM AWARDS as the best Microsoft partner in the Project and Portfolio management category
  • 14+ YEARS as Microsoft's Gold Partner in Project & Portfolio Management
  • 5 PROSPERI offices worldwide
  • Microsoft Partner of the Year LATAM Award 2020 in category Apps and Solutions for Microsoft Teams